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April 4, 2024

Effective Marketing Strategies for Reaching Gen Z Consumers in the Food Industry

Brands are looking for ways to capture the attention of Gen Z, but it requires more than catchy slogans, edgy ads and a TikTok account. That’s why we asked one of our Gen Z SPMers, Madison Guay, how food/restaurant brands can effectively market to Gen Z. Here are a few key takeaways from her presentation. (And great job, Madi!)

They are Super Snackers – 1 in 4 Gen Zers prefer small, snack-style bites versus three traditional meals throughout the day (Mintel).
BRANDS: Consider expanding restaurant menus to include small-bite items.

More than any other generation, they prefer carry-out or delivery over dining in – 29% of Gen Zers reported pick up as their preferred ordering method while 18% preferred online delivery services. 86% of Gen Zers also reported experiencing menu anxiety when dining in, which swayed their preferences (Civic Science).
BRANDS: Work on creating a dine-out experience that brings the positive, dine-in feel off premise.

Brands that have authenticity and clear purpose are more attractive to Gen Z.
BRANDS: Make sure your brand values are easy to find and show your audience what you are doing that reflects them.

Like every generation before them, Gen Z has influenced the market in their own way. Soon, their distinctions may begin to blur as they settle into adulthood and before we know it, Gen Alpha will be the talk of the PR industry. Until then, brands must continue to stay adaptable and agile while marketing to Gen Z.