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At SPM Communications, we have a deep understanding of the consumer packaged goods landscape. Our food CPG marketing expertise has helped us gain a ranking in the nation’s top 25 PR agencies in the food and beverage category. We’ve worked with countless CPG brands, partnering to bring strategy, collaboration, hustle and an all-hands-on-deck mentality to their PR and marketing needs.

Our agency specialists in editorial, crisis and social media work to monitor trends, provide real-time campaign recommendations, and proactively bring solutions and concepts to our CPG clients. We’re especially passionate about the better-for-you category.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with yours to meet your marketing goals, whether that’s to build brand awareness and loyalty, create a robust online community, launch or grow your brand nationally or simply share your brand story in the most impactful way.




SPM promotes and protects national brands.


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Our CPG PR Results

When we say we’re committed to and believe in our clients at SPM Communications, we mean it. Whatever your branding or PR challenge in the CPG space, our creative, nimble team will rise to the occasion.

Check out some of our incredible results below.

  • Van’s
    We began partnering with Van’s as the managers of a product recall. The partnership quickly grew as we managed Van’s brand evolution to a wellness lifestyle brand. Through the development of Van’s Foodies ambassador group online and influencer partnerships with dietitians and others, Van’s gained nationwide recognition as a better-for-you brand and a key player in the wellness space.
  • Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q
    Stubb’s has an incredible story that started in Lubbock, Texas, more than 50 years ago and now stands as a leading premium barbecue brand. SPM helped the brand take it to the next level and become known for better-for-you ingredients, Non-GMO Project verification, national Bar-B-Q expertise and more. Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q was featured in hundreds of publications and media ranging from Saveur, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, People, Epicurious, O The Oprah Magazine, Parade and many more. Our long-term partnership with the brand contributed to their recognition and purchase by McCormick in 2015.
  • Lantana Hummus
    In working with Lantana Hummus, we amplified the core elements of their product – bright colors and bold flavor combinations using inventive ingredients like beets, carrots and edamame – to catapult them into the national spotlight. Influencer content and brand activation led to a brand win in Self magazine’s 2018 Health Food Awards, and much more.
  • Golden Island
    When Golden Island, a small-batch, better-for-you jerky brand, was focused on relaunching into various retailers, including Costco, it tasked SPM with positioning the brand’s unique flavors, culinary processes and premium ingredients to change the perception of jerky beyond road-trip junk food. We targeted lifestyle, fitness and culinary influencers in six U.S. markets, as well as national high-reach paid influencers and websites (such as FoodBeast), key local media and national trade media via national trade show representation, earning 12 million impressions across 20+ high-impact media hits. We also facilitated award entries that led to the brand winning three Top Artisan Jerky Awards by Taste TV and being named a 2016 Progressive Grocer Editor’s Pick.

We worked hard for our place in the nation’s top 25 PR agencies in the food and beverage category. Contact SPM Communications to talk about what we can do for your brand.

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What Is CPG Marketing, and Why Is It Important in Today’s World?

CPG marketing, the industry of marketing and selling consumer packaged goods, requires a unique blend of marketing strategy, consumer insights, and product intelligence. At SPM Communications, we work with CPG manufacturers and retailers to enhance the branding and sale of all types of consumer packaged goods.

In today’s competitive market any company, big or small, can set up shop online and begin selling to consumers. This makes marketing and brand-image more important than ever. When faced with so many choices, consumers can face “consumer paralysis”, a behavioral phenomenon where they are overwhelmed by options and end up making a poor choice or no choice at all.

CPG Industry Marketing Changes

Advances in mobile innovation, automated supply chain management, artificial intelligence and information analytics are all changing how the CPG industry thinks about marketing. In some ways, these innovations have actually leveled the playing field for new companies in the market and smaller businesses who don’t have the luxury of customers who’ve been purchasing their product for years. Utilizing the web to connect directly with their customers via social media, e-commerce, and other methods is a game-changer for such companies.

Other CPG industry changes in marketing and consumer engagement include things like the “click and collect” style of delivery, where users pay online and receive a mobile notification when their purchase is ready to be picked up. Mobile-driven loyalty programs are another popular CPG marketing trend that’s arisen in the past few years. Finally, the accessibility of data analytics and with it, better targeting and customization of your marketing campaigns have played a huge role in the recent evolution of CPG marketing.

CPG Trends

At SPM Communications, our experts can help you harness the latest CPG trends and technologies for the greater success of your brand.

Social Media and CPG Brands

As one of the three main industries we serve, we’ve truly developed expertise in CPG brand marketing. Social media is just one facet of our typical CPG marketing plan.

Our social media capabilities include:

  • STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Develop the tone, voice, cadence and content topics for social channels, aligning with brand goals and amplifying PR and marketing messaging.
  • CONTENT CREATION: Create evergreen, campaign and brand-level social content, including photography, writing and graphic design.
  • PAID AMPLIFICATION: Manage paid social media support from content optimization to audience targeting to on-the-fly boosting.
  • AND MORE: Community management, Real-time organic monitoring and engagement.

Whether you have an established social media presence that you want to boost or rejuvenate, or if you’re starting from scratch – we can help.

Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing Goals

For a business that offers consumer packaged goods or CPGs, there are two crucial needs that the business’s marketing method must address. One is sticking out in a crowded, competitive brand marketplace. The second is developing the consumer’s need for brand-new items. A Harvard Business School professor’s research reveals that over 80% of brand-new products fail in the first year. In a landscape like that, it’s critical to market and position your product in the best way possible.

Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing

In the digital age, demand is often generated by bringing experiences and brand name interactions directly to the customer. It’s no longer sufficient to send fixed, one-way marketing messages, such as e-mailed coupons or banner advertisements talking about your latest sale. Rather, customers want to be engaged in extremely individualized interactions that meet them where they are and make them feel a part of the brand.

Let SPM Communications build this type of innovative consumer experience for you and your CPG brand.