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Reporting and Analysis

At SPM, we take an ethical and transparent approach to measurement and analysis. We look objectively at results to inform our clients of our best, most accurate estimate of a campaign’s reach rather than provide vastly inflated numbers that don’t make an impact on our clients’ bottom line.    

In measuring the reach of a PR campaign, we set key performance indicators (KPIs) at the outset to give our clients a clear picture of what success will look like, based on their goals. These KPIs can vary to include the number of target media stories, key message pull-through, estimated audience reach and more. At the conclusion of each campaign, we analyze the data to provide a thorough recap that closely analyzes campaign results and offers an introspective look at what we can do better or differently next time to maximize results.  

For social campaigns, we create custom KPIs based on channel goals and strategy. To keep up with the ever-changing social space, we produce monthly reports to ensure our work meets expectations, making real-time tweaks as needed. In addition, we provide in-depth quarterly reports, looking at insights to adjust as needed for greater success.