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Media relations is a crucial area of focus at SPM. Our proprietary media relations process is designed to not only get results but get the right results, with coverage that lands clients’ messages in front of their target audiences. 

We are strategic in our approach, with a dedicated media relations team that provides education, guidance and oversight for all media relations campaigns. We set key performance indicators (KPIs) at the outset of each campaign to ensure that coverage isn’t simply “feel good” but achieves business goals.

Our cross-trained, seasoned PR pros are in contact with media on a daily basis to keep our clients’ brands top of mind. We target various segments that include:

  • National media: We have deep relationships with national media in a variety of verticals that include lifestyle, food, restaurant, home decor, business and general consumer interest. We know how to build and maintain relationships that result in coverage and give us a window into the media landscape – what’s coming up and when.
  • Local media: SPM has worked with media in nearly every market in the country. We know how to craft a message that will resonate with local media wherever our clients do business – whether in their headquarters hometown, focus markets or new markets.
  • Trade media: SPM believes that working with our clients’ industry trade media is foundational to establish credibility and thought leadership within each client vertical. We have strong ties to trade media in areas of focus that include restaurant, retail, grocery, accessories, franchise, hospitality and specialty food. Trade media can help clients expand their distribution, build awareness among buyers and vendors, keep their brand top of mind for potential franchisees or raise their profile within their industry. Trade articles can also provide credible source material for national, regional and local consumer and business media.