Crisis Brand Experience


At SPM Communications, we are a crisis management firm that has helped brands weather more than 3,000 crises. Our team has helped businesses prepare for the unexpected with crisis planning, media protocol, and spokesperson training. In addition, our 24/7 media hotline offers peace of mind for our partners, knowing someone will always be available to help. Our team provides ongoing crisis preparedness for all companies via industry/marketplace white papers, with detailed briefs and suggested protocols on, trending current events, such as concealed carry laws, bathroom bills and sexual harassment.

In times of crisis, our team works in tandem with companies to mitigate damaging events and help them get back to business.




SPM promotes and protects national brands.


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What Are Crisis Management Firms?

Crisis management firms are essential partners for any company’s long-term brand strategy. Companies often spend years developing a brand and building a good reputation but don’t realize that protecting their image is just equally as important as creating it.

When a crisis strikes, CEOs, CMOs, and their teams are immediately under pressure to solve the problems with as little negative publicity as possible. This can be overwhelming without a comprehensive plan in place. A qualified crisis team with a strong background in public relations can help navigate the situation while mitigating damaging events.

In these moments, a professional crisis management team is your brand’s lifeline. They can be ready for action in a moment’s notice, acting as a filter for media inquiries while your team focuses on the internal aspects of the crisis at hand. When partnering with a crisis PR firm, you get the added benefit of utilizing our crisis managers’ existing media knowledge to get straight to the source of any potential media escalation.

The top crisis management firms, like SPM Communications, will be nimble and able to drop everything to be by your side when a crisis hits, day or night.

Crisis Management Examples

There are many crisis management examples where a crisis management firm would be instrumental in impact reduction and reputation recovery. The following are just a few of the most common examples of crisis situations our team has worked on:

  • Criminal and financial crises
  • Cybersecurity and data breaches
  • Robbery
  • Shooting
  • Ebola scare
  • Lawsuits and law enforcement investigations
  • Location closures
  • Product failures and recalls
  • Protests and attacks by special interest groups
  • Social media crises
  • Unionization attempts and attacks by labor groups

To avoid a PR disaster like Pepsi’s recent PR blunder, last year’s United PR nightmare or the Uber PR crisis over the past couple of years, a crisis management firm needs to be an essential part of your team. It only takes a quick scan of bad crisis management examples to grasp the importance of proper crisis preparation.

Crisis Management Basics

Looking for the most basic crisis management definition? Look no further. Crisis management defined: Preparing for your business’ worst case scenario, so you can prevent it from ever happening.

But what is crisis management in reality? What does the crisis management process actually entail? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer there are initial steps you can take to be ready to act, when a crisis strikes.

With our team at SPM Communications, Crisis Management includes our real-life experience paired with proactive solutions to a range of potential problems to reduce their impact and help clients avoid them altogether when possible. We evaluate all kinds of risks – from data breaches to unpredictable natural disasters – that may have a detrimental effect on the brand.

By monitoring trends and relevant news, we are able to create strategies our clients can use to make decisions and form policies. We also provide crisis training for clients through simulated crisis drills. Thorough training helps enhance problem-solving skills, which are much needed in a time of a crisis.

Just a sampling of the crisis management tools we use here at SPM Communications for the average business crisis management are:

  • Social media monitoring
  • System-wide crisis plans and protocol
  • Crisis media training
  • Proactive POVs on current events and hot topics
  • Crisis response drills
  • Regular check-ins with crisis management specialists

Of course, each client presents different potential types of crisis and requires a different crisis management definition, so the type of crisis management we provide differs for each business we partner with — that’s part of what differentiates us as a crisis management company: our ability to provide tailored crisis management solutions.

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What To to Do When A a PR Crisis Occurs

Let’s imagine your worst-case scenario: a PR disaster strikes. What would you do?

In an ideal world, you’d have a public relations team already briefed, prepared and ready to activate some PR damage control. You’ll want to bring them up to speed on the situation immediately and decide on a plan of action. Ideally, this team can act as a professional fixer of sorts, handling the company crisis while you worry about the internal business needs.

Companies in crisis often have to push the basic needs of the business on the backburner in order to handle the PR nightmare directly in front of them. When you partner with SPM, our goal is to take that PR crisis off your shoulders, so you can focus on keeping the business running as smoothly as possible, with complete trust that your PR crisis management is completely handled.

But if you’re not living in this “ideal world,” don’t worry. If you’ve already experienced a recent PR crisis, it’s not too late to activate a crisis management PR plan to start rebuilding your brand’s reputation. In the world of crisis PR, the sooner your crisis management team is brought into the mix, the better, but we can always offer PR damage control to help mitigate further harm.

The Art of Crisis Communication

What is crisis communication? This common question is more complex than you might think. Crisis communication is a delicate art that navigates public opinion, media coverage, and social media conversations, positioning your brand’s message securely through a finely crafted crisis communication strategy.

While we sometimes wish we could simply hand over a crisis communication template, it is unfortunately not that easy. Since all brands, and therefore all PR crises, are unique, so must be their crisis communications strategies.

However, all good crisis communications plans should include the same basic elements:

  • Open lines of communication between crisis communications firm and client, and the media, and the public
  • Clearly defined points of contact
  • Factual, honest messaging points

Public relations crisis management can be both overwhelming and intimidating for a company, especially if you’ve never encountered a true crisis communication situation. If that’s the case, consider yourself lucky! That’s what crisis communication firms like SPM Communications are here — to be your PR crisis management experts, so you can focus on being the expert on your brand and industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to develop a crisis communication strategy, so you can rest easy knowing you’re fully prepared for any PR crisis that might come your way, give us a shot on our Contact Page.