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We believe that protecting a brand is as important as building a brand. As a crisis communications firm, SPM Communications has helped brands work through more than 5,000 crises – everything from crime, employee misconduct and damaging consumer complaints to viral videos, public health threats and bankruptcies. Our team has deep experience helping businesses prepare for the unexpected with crisis communications planning, media protocols and spokesperson training.

We also prepare timely, proactive point-of-view documents with in-depth recommendations on how brands can prepare for and manage through the biggest issues of the day, such as pandemic restrictions, racial inequity, concealed carry laws, sexual harassment, divisive bathroom bills and more.

When a crisis strikes, we provide real-time crisis management services, with counsel rooted in current cultural trends and our deep understanding of how media work. And because a crisis can happen at any time, we have a 24/7 media hotline, staffed by SPM PR professionals, so we can respond to events quickly, whenever they occur.

Our No. 1 goal is to manage any crisis, big or small, to help you and your team move past the situation and get back to business as soon as possible.