opportunistic pr


Leading pizza buffet restaurant Cicis sought to increase consumer awareness and trial of its improved food quality, new menu items and enhanced guest experience while also continuing to drive home its value messaging.


While Cicis had success with promotions around “pizza holidays” such as National Pizza Day and Super Bowl, it faced heavy competition with other pizza brands’ promotions on those days. SPM brainstormed other opportunities to tap into media’s love affair with quirky “holidays” and focused on a nontraditional holiday for food brands – National Pi Day.

The team worked with Cicis to develop a deeply discounted $3.14 (pi) price promotion that offered a great value to customers while driving trial of the buffet’s improved quality, variety and experience on a day when most other brands did not offer any specials.


11.4% SSS growth
300+ media hits, including national coverage in USA Today, People, TODAY Show, and
165MM impressions
3.3 million reach