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Brand Building

At SPM Communications, our brand-building experience stems from working with a wide variety of company sizes, from scrappy startups to national powerhouse brands. Our team puts together tailored strategies rooted in insights to achieve client goals wherever they may be in the brand life cycle.

Some examples of our brand-building work include:

  • Messaging and Brand Story: We develop company boilerplate copy, company mission statements, executive team bios, talking points and full-fledged brand stories, working with clients to create messaging that communicates their differentiators, mission and vision.
  • Internal Communications Development: The SPM team has worked with numerous clients on strategic internal communications during delicate or sensitive moments, including company announcements, bankruptcies, new partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and layoffs.
  • Integrated Campaigns: One of our team’s greatest strengths is creating holistic, 360-degree communication campaigns that break through the clutter. Clients stand out and maximize results when we work in tandem with other agencies or in-house teams to align strategy, messaging and activations across paid, earned, shared and owned media.
  • Brand Integrations: Our team has worked with top media, including national talk shows, to package tailored and strategic brand integrations that drive ROI. We provide full-service integration management, from negotiating pricing to running point with producers on messaging, client interaction and measurable sales drivers.
  • Celebrity Partnerships: We provide research and recommendations on meaningful celebrity partnerships that align with core customer information and insights. Our celebrity partnership work starts with thorough vetting to mitigate potential conflicts or controversies and includes outreach, negotiation, contracts, partnership messaging and publicity to maximize ROI.
  • CSR/Nonprofit Recommendations: Our team brings a strategic eye to nonprofit partnerships, from putting together recommendations for nonprofits that align with a client’s mission to creating all-encompassing corporate social responsibility programs. We think through internal and external stakeholder involvement and participation while also deeply vetting recommended organizations.