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At SPM Communications, our franchise development experience stems from working with a wide variety of franchise systems that include restaurant, retail, pet care, wellness, education and home services. We work to generate qualified leads that facilitate brand growth while also help to maintain strong franchisor-franchisee relationships and protect franchise systems from brand damage due to local issues.

Some examples of our franchise development work include: 

  • Messaging and Brand Story: We develop company boilerplate copy, company mission statements, executive team bios, talking points and full-fledged brand stories, working with clients to create messaging that communicates their differentiators, mission and vision.


  • Lead Generation Strategies: One of our team’s greatest strengths is showcasing our clients’ franchise brands to potential franchisees and fill the top of the development pipeline through media relations, news releases, awards, trade speaking opportunities, industry listings and bylined articles.  


  • Internal Communications Development: The SPM team has worked with numerous clients on strategic internal communications to franchisees during sensitive moments, including company announcements, unit-level operations innovations, marketing initiatives, product updates and ownership changes. We also create franchise communication plans to help franchisors maintain positive relationships with franchisees particularly when their buy-in is needed, whether to maintain brand standards across franchise system or to move brands in new directions.  


  • Franchisee Support: We work in franchisees in local markets to develop grand opening plans, generate traffic- and sales-driving earned media stories through news releases, tailored pitching and media drops and engage local influencers to mobilize their followers to visit franchised locations. 


  • Franchisee Crisis Management: Through our robust crisis management practice, we support franchisees to quickly resolve local issues before they spread, potentially damaging the full system. Conversely, we help brands mitigate support center-level issues before franchisees are affected.